Your Organization’s New Content Channel

In addition to e-mail & social media outlets for your messaging, we’ll build a custom portal for all your films and associated content. The portal can be embedded into your current website, or it can be set up separately.

Web portal
    Advantages Of Your Stand-Alone Web Portal
  • + No advertisments served, so the viewer watches more of your content
  • + Advanced viewership metrics & tracking
  • + Managed by our digital team and built for scale

Our Process

Campaign Planning


We design & build a web portal for your organization that will house your films for public (or behind paywall) display.


We design and manage your email and digital campaigns too.


We work with your executive team or PR firm to create a schedule of speakers and subjects for your campaign.

Film Production


On average, about 30 mins of your executive's time for filming.


24 hour turn-around for in-studio filming.


We upload your films to your portal and distribute them via your email, social and digital channels.


Special Projects

Beyond helping organizations engage their stakeholders through film, we launch new initiatives or businesses by researching audiences, designing brands and developing software.
Here are some of our recent projects:



SwingSpace is listing and transaction engine for small offices in the Washington DC area. We branded, designed and built the Ruby on Rails application, and we do all the filming.



The Raben Group hired us to brand, design and build their industry wide initiative to advocate for greater diversity among asset managers.


Just Request Me

We branded, designed and built this Ruby on Rails application,, as an easy way for people to receive requests from people they know.


Zak profile
Zak Kidd

A Los Angeles native, Zak has founded several technology companies and currently splits his time between running dupontstudios and SwingSpace. Zak is a Ruby on Rails developer, and graduated from Morehouse College and Harvard University.

Mark glaze
Mark Glaze

Mark most recently served as executive director of Everytown for Gun Safety, the largest gun violence prevention group in the United States. In his 20 years of work at the nexus of politics, policy and public affairs, he has worked with dozens of clients to catalyze public passion into better public policy.

Kayode kendall
Kayode Kendall
Videographer & Editor

A Canadian native, Kayode has been over 12 years of filming and editing experience. He graduated from American University where he studied illustration, film and media.

Nic small
Nic Small
Rails Developer

A Queens native, Nic has worked with several start-ups and with dupontstudios has been the lead developer on and several other RoR projects. Nic is a graduate of NYU and is an active member of the washington improv community.

Chris page
Chris Page
Illustrator & Editor

Chris leads the illustration and animation work at dupontstudios. An visual artist by training, Chris is currently leading the artistic direction of dupontstudios's documentary film about flint michigan, children as canaries.

Lauren Herron
Client Development

Born and raised in south Mississippi, Lauren has a background in hospitality, technology and fashion start-ups, and overall branding. Learning Washington DC's streets through jogging, she is ready to take on the concrete jungle.

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